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Staff Editorial

- Talkin’ bout jaywalking -

Published: Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, November 21, 2012 12:11

It was brought to the attention of the Xavier Newswire that
Cincinnati police have begun giving tickets to students for the insanely heinous crime of jaywalking across Victory Parkway. Yes, you read that correctly: jaywalking. A police officer actually took the time to stop a student that crossed Victory Parkway, and go through all the hoops of writing
and issuing a ticket. That’s a lot of effort for an officer who probably had to come screeching to a halt after driving upwards of 60 mph down the road. We’re talking about jaywalking. Cincinnati police’s decision to actually start caring about jaywalking is astounding considering
a violent crime or two was probably being committed in South Avondale at the time of the student’s ill-timed rush across the street in order to not be late for class.

Here’s a genius idea: let Xavier police worry about students’
movement about the campus and Cincinnati police can worry about the next murder or the next crash from vehicles drag racing up and down Victory Pkwy. Sounds like a plan to us. But we’re here talking about jaywalking.

Seriously though, most students that have crossed Victory
Parkway on a regular basis will liken the experience to a real-life game of Frogger. One second the road could be
completely clear in both directions and the next moment the Daytona 500 is coming around the bend. But we’re talking about jaywalking. Not a murder, not a robbery, we’re talking about jaywalking. It seems silly to the Newswire that our local police are worrying about a little jaywalking when students living in Norwood play nightly games of “Gunshots or Fireworks?” It’s not like students are getting mauled by cars while crossing the street. More likely, students that are
crossing at a reasonable rate have to engage in a little double time to avoid becoming pancakes in the middle of the road. If there have been complaints about students being in the way, then it should behoove Cincinnati police to fix the problem at its source: the speeding cars on Victory Raceway. But for now, we’re just here, talking about jaywalking.

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